With each new year comes a host of new jewelry trends sweeping across the industry. It's the perfect time to update and add to your collection with new and exciting pieces. Jeffrey Daniels has a wide range of styles that put an elevated twist on some of the biggest trends in 2016. 

Oversized Earrings

2016 may very well be the year of oversized earrings. Necklaces and rings are often in the forefront, but this year, it’s the earrings that are making the statements. Available in all variations of size, shape, and color - it’s easy to find a pair perfect for the office, a night out on the town, or a romantic dinner for two.  

Jeffrey Daniels Chandelier Earring


Geometric shapes and Tribal designs aren’t necessarily new to the scene, but they are increasingly popular throughout the industry. Straight lines, sharp angles, pops of color - these looks are fierce and strong. It’s the perfect style for the  

Jeffrey Daniels Fanciful Bib Necklace

Layered Looks

Layered looks capitalize on diversity and volume. And there’s really no wrong way to layer. Mixing chunky pieces with the delicate, mixing metal colors, incorporating different lengths - it all works wonderfully to create a stunning layered effect. Designers are even featuring pieces that have the layered effect built right in to the design! 

Gem Platinum Bangle Bracelet


Fringe jewelry is a fun and bold trend thats becoming increasingly popular. Delicate strands of metal and jewels make a lasting impression. It's a brilliant way to add some movement and extra sparkle to your ensemble. 

Jeffrey Daniels Drippy Diamond Necklace

Yellow Gold

There’s just something about yellow gold - it has a warm, classic feel and the contrast it presents when paired with jewels is always stunning. Diamonds pop when set in yellow gold and colored gemstones look even more bold. The price of gold in addition to it’s unwavering versatility and allure has led to an undeniable comeback in 2016. 

Jeffrey Daniels Rubelite Ring

Collar Necklaces 

These beauties fall somewhere between the choker and the long necklace, and lay at the collar bone. This style compliments the neckline perfectly and pairs well with clothing options such as knits and denim button-downs they may not leave much room for a longer piece.  They’re also easy to layer with other pieces of different lengths and can add a lot of variety to your collection. 

Jeffrey Daniels Antique Style Necklace

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