Gem Platinum/Jeffrey Daniels Unique Designs is proud tobe featured in The Jewelry Book about jewelry design and upcoming jewelry trends.

In the article, Jeffrey Post, CEO and owner of Gem Platinum/Jeffrey Daniels Unique Designs and President of the Natural Color Diamond Association, discusses his predictions for the upcoming year.

Jeffrey’s predictions for 2015 include: 

• Platinum holding its ground as the metal of choice for  classic engagement/wedding band styles. 

• Renewed interest in gold, particularly yellow, rose and  two-tone bands. 

• A market shift towards fancy-shape diamonds,  because when on par with equal weight, color and  clarity, the look is bigger than a round diamond, and  because fancy shapes often inspire designers to think  beyond traditional setting styles. 

• Continued interest in precious color stones as a valid  alternative to diamonds. 

• Natural color diamonds in bridal, as well as fashion  jewelry, particularly for the most affl uent customers,  who continue to be drawn to anything that leans  toward the rare or exclusive.


Do you agree with these predictions for jewelry in 2015? What would you add?

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