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A Passion for Pink: Pink Diamonds & Pink Sapphires

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 6:58:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

Pretty in Pink at Jeffrey Daniels and Gem Platinum means pink sapphires and pink diamonds. No two stones could be more different in their appeal. Choose your shade and dive into the fabulous world of pink gemstones. You will never look back.

Pink Sapphires

Pink sapphires are the hot sibling of the gracious deep blue most people associate with sapphires. Electric and alive, pink sapphires are the perfect stone for cocktail rings and a night out on the town.

Pink Saphhire ring

Shop here: Jeffrey Daniels Pink Sapphire Cocktail Ring


Hot pink isn’t just for her, the Cabachon pink tourmaline ring shown below brings a bit of fun for him too. Like the pink sapphire, pink tourmaline is not the color commonly associated with this stone. Pink tourmaline is possibly created through the introduction of radiation to the stone during formation. Magnesium also produces pink and red hues in gemstones. Tourmaline comes in a variety of colors and hues outside the olive green it is commonly associated with. The hot pink stone used in the Jeffrey Daniels design below is one of the best examples of pink tourmaline in both color and clarity. Interestingly, some of the best pink tourmaline comes from e Cryo-Genie Mine in San Diego, CA.

pink sapphire

Shop here: Jeffrey Daniels Pink Cabachon Pink Tourmaline Ring

Pink Diamonds: Maybe the Prettiest Stones on the Planet

pink diamond wedding ring

Shop here: Gem Platinum Pink Diamond Wedding Ring

This pink diamond wedding ring from Gem Platinum is a fabulous way to say I DO. The rose gold setting adds to the elegance and grace of the stones in this eternally classic band.

Pink Diamonds are part of the Fancy Diamond category and they are some of the rarest gemstones available. Fancy Pink Diamonds are graded according to the depth of their pink color, the deeper the color, the more expensive the stone.

pink diamond bracelet

Shop here: Jeffrey Daniels Fancy Bracelet

Unlike hot pink sapphires, the pink in diamonds is an elegant pastel shade of pink. Radiation introduced during formation is thought to be the driving force behind the pink color in these diamonds. Known also for their clarity and brilliance, pink diamonds larger than 1 carat are very, very rare.

pink diamond wedding ring

Shop here: Jeffrey Daniels Pink Diamond Ring

If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that will also become an heirloom or an investment, a pink diamond may be the stone of choice. Fancy Intense Pink Diamond prices are continuously on the rise.


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Turn Heads As the Leaves Turn Yellow: Fancy Yellow Diamonds for Fall

Thursday, September 29, 2016 10:38:17 PM America/Los_Angeles


Fall is a time to fiery colors and hearts. As the seasons turn, the human heart ignites longing for beauty and warmth. Jeffrey Daniels has the perfect gift for her this Fall. Come and experience the beauty of Jeffrey Daniels and Gem Platinum and lose yourself in the majesty of Fancy Yellow Diamonds.


Shop here: Jeffrey Daniels Yellow Diamond Necklace


Fancy yellow diamonds are a superb pick for Fall. Fancy yellow diamonds have a brilliance and luster that is perfect for the low light of the Fall season and for the the holiday parties that are right around the corner.


Shop here: Jeffrey Daniels Solitaire Heart Necklace 

Fancy Yellow diamonds are unique stones created through the introduction of nitrogen into the creation of the diamond. Also known as Canary Diamonds, Fancy Yellow Diamonds have become very popular in recent years and for good reason. Yellow diamonds are an excellent choice for Fancy Diamonds because of the brilliance and clarity commonly seen in these  stones. Fancy Yellow Diamonds are graded on their depth of color saturation. Jeffrey Daniels and Gem Platinum uses the best vivid Canary Diamonds available to create stunning designs.


Yellow Diamonds: The Red Carpet Has Turned to Gold


Yellow Diamonds are the stones of celebrities. Kate Winslet and Natalie Portman both walked the Red Carpet in Yellow Diamonds. Paris Hilton said I DO to a fabulous Fancy Yellow engagement ring. Even Hilary Clinton has been seen wearing a 4 carat Fancy Yellow Diamond ring to various functions when she is not exchanging insults with Donald Trump. The Yellow Diamond is not a popular celebrity stone without reason. The color brings out the highlights in a woman’s hair and skin when worn anywhere near the face.


Shop here: Jeffrey Daniels Fanciful Bib Necklace



Fancy Yellow Diamonds make excellent engagement rings. The clarity, brilliance and size are among the attributes that make a Fancy Yellow Diamond the perfect engagement ring stone. If you are looking for an engagement ring that is refined, fun and sophisticated, this is an excellent choice.


Shop here: Jeffrey Daniels Yellow Diamond Ring



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Jeff Daniel: Holiday Jewelry Trends 2016

Sunday, September 11, 2016 6:45:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

This Holiday many new innovative ideas have sprouted to spice up our jewelry and outfits! This Fall, colored diamonds have become a huge sensation, their versatility, purity, and beauty are among the reasons many have started to acquire these pieces of art. Along with colored diamonds, mixed gold is an on-trend style. This Fall, clothing is fun and feminine and colored diamonds mix in well to compliment any outfit.

Jeffrey Daniels fancy bracelet

Jeffrey Daniels Fancy Bracelet

Holiday 2016: Fancy Diamonds

Colored diamonds come in white, steel gray, blue, orange, yellow, red, green, pink to purple, black and brown. All of these are beautiful colors. Fall and coming winter holidays are perfect for yellow diamonds.

Orange, yellow, and red suit the turning colors of autumn and thanksgiving. Red and green stones work for Christmas. Black or white diamonds dazzel the eye with the snow and set the winter mood.

Mixed Gold: 2016 Trend, But will it Last?

Mixed gold can be eye-catching and alluring but is it just a trend? Are mixed gold pieces here to stay? Combination metal designs can be fantastic. White and yellow gold when combined create a dazzling complement to each other. Mixed gold goes with most anything as well, usually working with most gems, a subtle medley of colors can accentuate jewels. The secret with mixing golds is to strike a balance or a rhythm with the alternating colors that makes sense. This approach enhances the diamonds themselves and turns what could be a passing trend into a classic design.

Jeffrey Daniels Dangle Earring

Jeffrey Daniels Dangle Earring

Length: Necklaces by the Yard

Long necklaces, a less used style until recently, has suddenly become on trend. Length in a necklace elongates the neck and back.  Long necklaces can also be layered to create pieces that can be worn with a variety of outfits.

Fancy diamond by the Yard necklace

Jeffrey Daniels Extra Long Fancy Diamond by the Yard Necklace 

With the new trends and choices this holiday season, the jewelry available has increased in quality, quantity, and variety. One may choose a colored diamond for their holiday apparel, another may take a liking to mixed golds, an experimental person might pick out a long necklace, and the especially adventurous will combine all three!

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Openwork Bracelets the Perfect Gift

Tuesday, August 23, 2016 2:14:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

Jeffrey Daniels designs use openwork to great effect throughout the entire collection. Using the finest materials, such as 18K gold and Fancy Diamonds, Jeffrey Daniels and Gem Platinum designs are unique and special. Openwork used in bracelets reduces weight and adds negative space to the designs to create pieces that are wearable, breathtaking pieces of art.

Jeffrey Daniels Fancy Diamond Bracelet

 Jeffrey Daniels Fancy Bracelet

Openwork in Jewelry has been used for thousands of years by a variety of cultures including the Chinese and the Romans. Scythian jewelry was highly prized by the ancient Greeks for its delicate openwork and creative designs. The Scythians, who were nomads from the area of Modern Kazakhstan, developed and perfected openwork jewelry to match their nomadic lifestyle. Openwork makes pieces far lighter and easier to transport. The Greeks and later the Romans came to prize these pieces due to their light weight, design, skill and beauty. The openwork bracelets designed by Jeffrey Daniels display all these same qualities.

Jeffrey Daniels Wide Fancy Bracelet

Jeffrey Daniels Wide Fancy Bracelet

Bracelets and Beauty

A diamond bracelet is a breathtaking object. The addition of negative space and openwork adds further dimension and movement further enhancing the light refraction off the gemstones. Each Fancy Diamond catches the light at a slightly different angle drawing the eye around and around the bracelet.

Jeffrey Daniels Fancy Yellow Diamond Bracelet

Jeffrey Daniels Fancy Yellow Diamond Bracelet


Openwork also allows the jeweler greater room for creative expression. A single line of Fancy Diamonds is amazing but stylistically unoriginal. The addition of openwork gives the jewelry designer the ability to use stones in a variety of shapes including square and pear shaped stones. The resulting bracelets are exceptionally beautiful and captivating.

Jeffrey Daniels Fancy Bracelet


Jeffrey Daniels Fancy Bracelet

Halo open work designs used in a bracelet perfectly compliments a halo engagement ring. Because the bracelet repeats the halo design it makes for an excellent anniversary gift.


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Engagement Rings by Jeff Daniels and Gem Platinum

Tuesday, August 9, 2016 12:43:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

August is a perfect time to get engaged. One of the biggest problems with getting engaged is finding the right engagement ring! Jeffrey Daniels & Gem Platinum has a large selection of exceptional engagement ring designs.

fancy yellow diamond ring

Jeff Daniels Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring

Colored Diamonds: The Perfect Choice for Engagement

A colored diamond ring is a never fail choice when trying to find the ideal symbol of your love. Fancy diamonds come in a wide variety of colors allowing a perfect fit for any person. Available in: white, blue, steel gray, yellow, red, orange, pink to purple, green, brown, and black, the choices are endless. Each color represents a person’s emotions, and personality.

Square Fancy Yellow Diamond Engament Ring

Jeffrey Daniels Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring


Choose a Ring that Matches Her Style

Coming in all shapes and sizes, the rings are chosen to reflect the personality of your Fiancée. There are countless types of rings, ranging in color, size, and cut. There are larger rings with more attention to the gem, and there are smaller rings that complement a smaller hand. The attention should not be entirely on the gem. The setting of the gem is just as important. Settings include various colored golds and other stones. Some rings are simple, while others have complex designs.

Jeff Daniels fancy Pink Diamond Ring

Jeff Daniels Fancy Pink Diamond Ring

Color is another important factor to consider. Having the ability to accentuate a person’s undertone, a colored diamond can complete your fiancée. If your significant other is a bright cheery person: pink, red, yellow and orange are complementary colors. Or if they are the more somber, contemplating, silent type: blue, black, or brown may suit her better.

Jeff Daniels Fancy Color Diamond Ring

Jeff Daniels Fancy Color Diamond Ring

The timeless beauty of diamonds and their incredible potential makes a diamond ring the perfect choice for your engagement. It brings a glow and agelessness to the wearer. Diamonds bring out the best in anyone, making for the perfect gift. If you have had trouble deciding on your engagement ring, a colored diamond ring may end your search!

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Summer Necklaces from Jeffrey Daniels and Gem Platinum

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 7:09:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

Summer is walking on the beach, lazy days in the sun, weddings and willowy summer outfits kissed by a soft tan. Jeffrey Daniels and Gem Platinum have amazing necklaces that take any outfit from great to fabulous. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Pear Drop Necklace by Gem Platinum

Set against a summer tan, Gem Platinum’s Pear Drop Necklace shines like a luminous beacon of beauty.  This stunning pear shaped diamond of incredible cut and clarity is surrounded by twenty smaller  diamonds set in white gold. This pear pendant is particularly versatile. Place it on a short chain and it’s the perfect classic piece for a summer wedding or garden party. Place it an of longer chain and it becomes seductive, playful and suggestive as it plunges downward.

Pear shape drop Pendant Necklace


Shop here > Gem Platinum Pear Shape Drop Pendant Necklace



Jeffrey Daniels Yellow and White Diamond Necklace


Match this beautiful Jeffrey Daniels’ two-tone necklace with almost any outfit and be prepared for compliments! On trend and classic at the same time, this necklace uses a combination of yellow and white gold into a modern design that is extremely unique. The new trend for mixing gold colors is seldom done as well as it is in this necklace. It is very easy for combination pieces to miss the delicate balance between innovation and sophistication. Get it wrong and combination gold pieces can look gaudy, or worse yet, fake. Get the balance right, as Jeffrey Daniels has here, and all you think about is the beauty of the piece and of the woman wearing it.

yellow and

Shop here > Jeffrey Daniels Yellow and White Diamond Necklace

Jeffrey Daniels Fancy Necklace

As wistful as a summer breeze and as playful as sunflowers, Jeffrey’s Daniel’s Fancy Necklace captures the essence of summer beauty. Great for a garden party or black tie, the design of this piece is intricate without being fussy. Simply beautiful.

Jeffrey Daniels Fancy necklace


Shop here > Jeffrey Daniels Fancy Necklace


Blissful Bezel by the Yard


Jeffrey Daniels Extra Long Fancy by the Yard Necklace brings out the beauty of summer dresses like no other. Have fun with this one! Long enough to make a variety of combinations that are all equally stunning, the diamond bezel setting adds a touch of modern update to a style reminiscent the 1920s.

Extra long fancy diamond by the yard necklace


Shop here > Jeffrey Daniels Extra Long Fancy Diamond by the Yard Necklace


Rubies on the Riviera


Jeffrey Daniels Ruby Necklace captures the elegance and style of the Casino in Monte Carlo. This beauty is designed to turn heads. Alternating rubies and diamonds parade around the neck like sleek race horses out for an afternoon run. Wear this wonderful necklace with a lace and silk dress to make a statement that is both rare and wonderful.

Ruby Necklace


Shop here > Jeffrey Daniels Ruby Necklace

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The Allure of the Oval: Diamonds, Sapphires and Opals is the Oval Cut

Thursday, June 9, 2016 8:22:40 PM America/Los_Angeles

The oval shape in gemstones has been around for thousands of years but the modern oval shape for diamonds was perfected in the 1960’s. Jeffrey Daniels and Gem Platinum have a captivating selection of jewelry designed in ovals.

 Oval Cut Diamond in Halo Solitaire Ring

Shop here > Oval Cut Diamond Halo Solitaire Ring In Platinum


The Oval Diamond Cut


The oval diamond cut is a unique variation on the round brilliant cut. Oval cut diamonds characteristically have 56 + facets and the ideal oval diamond is perfectly symmetrical with  a length-to-width ratio of 1.5. There is sometimes a small variation in the symmetry depending on the natural stone. The oval is an exceptionally good cut for engagement rings because it is extremely stable. With no protruding points the oval is a great shape for withstanding the everyday wear that an engagement ring must endure. The shape is also advantageous because the stone can easily be secured with 4 prongs and it is not susceptible to snagging or catching on clothing.


Oval diamonds also have the advantage of appearing slightly larger than their round brilliant cousins for the same carat size. However, the oval diamond is somewhat less forgiving when it comes to the clarity, cut and color of the diamond. This is one of the shapes where it is essential to stick with high quality stones like those used by Jeffrey Daniels and Gem Platinum. When high quality oval diamonds are used the results are amazing. However, lower quality diamonds or poorly cut oval diamonds are easier to spot than in almost any other shape. When a low quality cut is used in an oval diamond a bowtie shadow may be visible in the stone. Similarly, flaws that might not be noticeable in a round cut are much harder to hide in an oval cut diamond. It’s best to stick to oval diamonds with a G color or better on the GIA scale and with clarity of VS1 or higher on GIA or above 3 on the AGS scale.


Fancy Yellow Diamond Bracelet 

Shop here >Jeffrey Daniels Fancy Yellow Diamond Bracelet



Oval Opal Rings and Oval Opal Earrings by Jeffrey Daniels


Opals and Ovals just naturally go together. Opals are particularly pleasing as ovals. The opal has been associated with magical powers since the days of the Roman Empire.  The roman word for opal was “opalus.” The fiery colors captured within an opal were thought to be small windows into the eyes of the gods.


Beautiful Black Opal Earring Set In A Double Row Halo


Shop here > Jeffrey Daniels Opal Earring


Symbols of purity, luck and hope the opal is one of the most diverse gemstones available. Oval Opal rings make fabulous engagement rings and oval opal earrings accentuate both the beauty of a woman’s skin and the fire in her eyes.


 Double Halo Opal Ring wiith Diamonds

Shop here > Jeffrey Daniels Opal Ring


Oval Sapphires: Strikingly Beautiful Designs


Oval Sapphires reflect the luck and loyalty of all those that wear them! Traditionally, oval sapphires are a deep blue color, but sapphires also come in stunning shades of pink, yellow and green. The oval shape of a sapphire allows the color of the stone to reflect to it’s best advantage. Oval Sapphires also make stunning engagement rings. Perhaps the most famous oval sapphire engagement of all is the sophisticated oval sapphire engagement ring given to Kate Middleton by Prince William. This is the same ring that was previously given to his to mother, Princess Diana.

Surrounding sapphires with diamonds as seen below, enhances the vibrant color of these stones and brings them an additional quality of elegance.

 Stunning Pink Sapphire Ring


Shop here > Jeffrey Daniels Sapphire Ring


Stunning blue Sapphire Ring


Shop here > Jeffrey Daniels Sapphire Ring

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Jeffrey Daniels Unique Designs and Gem Platinum have been creating amazing designs with Fancy Diamonds for years. However, this May’s sale at Sotheby’s demonstrates two things: First, quality gemstones are in extremely high demand and second, Fancy Diamonds are reaching past the Jewelry Market and into the Collector’s Fine Art Market, a spot previously reserved for the likes of Picasso and Monet.

jeffrey daniels classic drop earrings 


Shop here > Jeffrey Daniels Classic Drop Earring


At Sotheby’s Geneva May Sale this year, 70% of the lots sold above their hammer estimated prices. There were several stars of the show including a Fancy “Unique Pink” pear shaped diamond that was the largest vivid pink diamond to ever come to auction. This stunning stone weighed in at 15.38 carats, and the sale price of $31.6 million averaging $2,052,094 per carat. Other notable Fancy Diamonds sold this year included the Reza Jewel, a 6.64-carat marquis-shaped Fancy Blue Diamond mounted in a brooch, fetching $13.7 Million, and another Fancy Pink Pendant weighing 18.51 carats that sold for $9.8 Million.


So what does this mean for the jewelry industry?

Or rather, when does Jewelry become Fine Art?


Jeffrey Daniels Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring


Shop here > Jeffrey Daniels Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring


Jeffery Daniels Unique Designs and Gem Platinum have always used the finest stones placed into breathtaking designs. We strive for perfection and create works of art that show off Fancy Diamonds to their best advantage. Our goal has always been to create heirlooms through our designs and craftsmanship. Our jewelry pieces are individually crafted and no two pieces are ever the same. We strive for timelessness in our designs and we insist on using the highest quality in everything we create.


Bracelet with Fancy Pink Diamonds


Shop here > Jeffrey Daniels Fancy Bracelet


Interestingly, the increase in low quality products in the jewelry industry seems to have actually elevated quality pieces like ours into the level of Fine Art. As the prices from this year’s Geneva 2016 May Sale demonstrate, there is increased demand for both quality and Fancy Colored Diamonds and we anticipate this trend to continue.


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Earrings are Irresistible for Mother’s Day

Tuesday, May 3, 2016 11:54:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

Earrings are the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. As the #1 accessory for women, a woman can never have too many pairs of earrings. This Mother’s Day buy a JD Daniels Design for your Mom and give her a gift she will love and cherish forever.


Drop Earrings


Drop earrings are the hottest new trend in Jewelry and for a good reason. The elongated soft play of a drop earring enhances the best part of a women’s neck. The light reflecting off the stones catches the natural sparkle of any woman’s eyes. Sexy and stylish, diamond drop earrings are a wonderful addition to any jewelry collection.


Jeffrey Daniels Dangle Drop Earrings


Shop here > Jeffrey Daniels Dangle Drop Earrings


Jeffrey Daniels Emerald and Diamond Drop Earrings


Shop here > Jeffrey Daniels Emerald and Diamond Drop Earrings


Jeffrey Daniels Fancy Yellow Diamond Earrings 

Shop here > Jeffrey Daniels Fancy Yellow Diamond Earrings

Stunning Studs


Stud Earrings are thought of as a timeless staple but that doesn’t mean that they have to be boring. Diamond stud earrings have come a long way from simple one carat brilliant solitaires. Today’s stud earrings glow with energy and they magically capture both timeless elegance and modern sophistication. Mom will love these new updates on such a classic theme.


 Jeffrey Daniels Earring

Shop here > Jeffrey Daniels Earring




Jeffrey Daniels Sapphire Earring


Shop here > Jeffrey Daniels Sapphire Earring



Jeffrey Daniels Cluster Stud Earring

Shop here > Jeffrey Daniels Cluster Stud Earring


Happy Hoops


Hoop earrings are the casual sister to the drop earring. Comfortable and stylish, hoops go with just about any hairstyle and outfit. Jeffrey Daniels has a fancy modern twist on the hoop earring that Mom will just adore. 

Jeffrey Daniels Fancy Hoop Earrings 


Shop here > Jeffrey Daniels Fancy Hoop Earrings




You can always tell what kind of a person a man really thinks you are by the earrings he gives you.

- Audrey Hepburn



 Audrey Hepburn by Dennis Stock (



The Wedding Ring to Match Her Style

Tuesday, March 29, 2016 11:54:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

A woman's wedding band is one of a woman’s most cherished pieces of jewelry. Powerful, beautiful and simple, the wedding band rarely gets the amount of attention commanded by the engagement ring but it should reflect your lady’s style and personality. There are many times when a woman may choose to wear just her wedding band by itself so this is a piece of jewelry that needs to do double duty. The wedding band should look fabulous when it is paired with the engagement ring and it should shine when called upon to go solo.

Back to Basics

Classic and refined, your future wife is all about refinement and elegance. She enjoys the simple quiet beauty of life and her style reflects her grace without ever being showy. The back to basics bride will definitely appreciate the time and attention to detail that goes into choosing the right wedding band. She is likely to wear just her wedding band while sailing or riding horses on the weekends.

5 stone Wedding Ring In Platinum - more at:

Shop here > Gem Platinum Round Cut Diamond 5 Stone Wedding Ring

Princess Cut Channel Set Diamond Eternity Ring In Platinum


Shop here > Princess Cut Channel Set Diamond Eternity Ring


The Modern Mrs. 

Your adventuresome bride is all about trend and fashion and she is probably one of those girls that lights up a room when she walks into it. The Modern Mrs. likes interesting new places and she is always ready to try the newest cuisine (even sugar coated tofu rolls) at the drop of the hat. The wedding band for your lady needs to stand out and make a statement. Above all, the modern wedding band should be fun and interesting, sweet and sexy.


 gGem Platinum Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band

Shop here > Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Ring Band


Baguette Diamond Eternity Ring Band


Shop here > Baguette Diamond Eternity Ring Band


Very Vintage 

The very vintage bride loves traditional things. Antique furniture and Persian rugs probably decorate her apartment. She loves romance and a copy of Gone with the Wind is hiding on her bookshelf. The vintage wedding band should reflect the romance of your union together. Your bride will appreciate every minute you spend choosing the right wedding band for her and as a lover of all things romantic her wedding band will become one of her most cherished possessions.

Gem Platinum Oval Diamond Eternity Band 


Shop here > Oval Cut Diamond Eternity Ring Band


Cushion Cut Diamond Eternity Ring Band


Shop here > Cushion Cut Diamond Eternity Ring Band



To find the perfect wedding ring for the future Mrs. in your life, visit the Jeffrey Daniels Website HERE