A piece of jewelry can be much more than an attractive accessory we wear. What can make these objects particularly special are the stories they tell. Sometimes that story is a personal one and sometimes its a story that dates back thousands of years.

Take bangles for example. Bangles are bracelets fashioned into a fixed circular shape and they have a rich and colorful history. They have been excavated from the ruins of the ancient Mauryan Empire of India and are still worn today by women in the same region of the world as part of significant cultural traditions. Often gifted to brides on their wedding day, they can be worn to represent the long life of the husband and to signify good fortune and prosperity for the newlyweds.

Etoile Set Diamond Bangle Bracelet In 18Kt Gold

But you don’t have to be getting married to appreciate these beautiful symbols. We have several stunning bangles that put a modern, classy twist on this ancient accessory. We love that these pieces are simple and versatile. You can keep it light by wearing just one, or go bold by stacking multiple bangles and pairing them with other pieces in your collection such as bracelets or watches.

Multi Row Wire Bangle Bracelet In 18Kt Gold With Diamonds

Rose Gold And Diamond Wrap Style Bangle Bracelet

Yellow And White Gold And Diamond Wrap Style Bangle Bracelet

Our Bangles and Bracelets match any style and compliment any outfit. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, so the possibilities are endless.

Prong Set Diamond Bangle Bracelet In 18Kt Gold

So, next time you treat yourself or someone you love to a beautiful piece of jewelry, you could be participating in a centuries old tradition. Or maybe you’re starting your own tradition by commemorating special moments with a particular type of jewelry. Whatever the occasion, bangles can be a dazzling way to illustrate the stories in your life.



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