Fall is a time to fiery colors and hearts. As the seasons turn, the human heart ignites longing for beauty and warmth. Jeffrey Daniels has the perfect gift for her this Fall. Come and experience the beauty of Jeffrey Daniels and Gem Platinum and lose yourself in the majesty of Fancy Yellow Diamonds.


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Fancy yellow diamonds are a superb pick for Fall. Fancy yellow diamonds have a brilliance and luster that is perfect for the low light of the Fall season and for the the holiday parties that are right around the corner.


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Fancy Yellow diamonds are unique stones created through the introduction of nitrogen into the creation of the diamond. Also known as Canary Diamonds, Fancy Yellow Diamonds have become very popular in recent years and for good reason. Yellow diamonds are an excellent choice for Fancy Diamonds because of the brilliance and clarity commonly seen in these  stones. Fancy Yellow Diamonds are graded on their depth of color saturation. Jeffrey Daniels and Gem Platinum uses the best vivid Canary Diamonds available to create stunning designs.


Yellow Diamonds: The Red Carpet Has Turned to Gold


Yellow Diamonds are the stones of celebrities. Kate Winslet and Natalie Portman both walked the Red Carpet in Yellow Diamonds. Paris Hilton said I DO to a fabulous Fancy Yellow engagement ring. Even Hilary Clinton has been seen wearing a 4 carat Fancy Yellow Diamond ring to various functions when she is not exchanging insults with Donald Trump. The Yellow Diamond is not a popular celebrity stone without reason. The color brings out the highlights in a woman’s hair and skin when worn anywhere near the face.


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Fancy Yellow Diamonds make excellent engagement rings. The clarity, brilliance and size are among the attributes that make a Fancy Yellow Diamond the perfect engagement ring stone. If you are looking for an engagement ring that is refined, fun and sophisticated, this is an excellent choice.


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