A woman's wedding band is one of a woman’s most cherished pieces of jewelry. Powerful, beautiful and simple, the wedding band rarely gets the amount of attention commanded by the engagement ring but it should reflect your lady’s style and personality. There are many times when a woman may choose to wear just her wedding band by itself so this is a piece of jewelry that needs to do double duty. The wedding band should look fabulous when it is paired with the engagement ring and it should shine when called upon to go solo.

Back to Basics

Classic and refined, your future wife is all about refinement and elegance. She enjoys the simple quiet beauty of life and her style reflects her grace without ever being showy. The back to basics bride will definitely appreciate the time and attention to detail that goes into choosing the right wedding band. She is likely to wear just her wedding band while sailing or riding horses on the weekends.

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The Modern Mrs. 

Your adventuresome bride is all about trend and fashion and she is probably one of those girls that lights up a room when she walks into it. The Modern Mrs. likes interesting new places and she is always ready to try the newest cuisine (even sugar coated tofu rolls) at the drop of the hat. The wedding band for your lady needs to stand out and make a statement. Above all, the modern wedding band should be fun and interesting, sweet and sexy.


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Very Vintage 

The very vintage bride loves traditional things. Antique furniture and Persian rugs probably decorate her apartment. She loves romance and a copy of Gone with the Wind is hiding on her bookshelf. The vintage wedding band should reflect the romance of your union together. Your bride will appreciate every minute you spend choosing the right wedding band for her and as a lover of all things romantic her wedding band will become one of her most cherished possessions.

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