The oval shape in gemstones has been around for thousands of years but the modern oval shape for diamonds was perfected in the 1960’s. Jeffrey Daniels and Gem Platinum have a captivating selection of jewelry designed in ovals.

 Oval Cut Diamond in Halo Solitaire Ring

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The Oval Diamond Cut


The oval diamond cut is a unique variation on the round brilliant cut. Oval cut diamonds characteristically have 56 + facets and the ideal oval diamond is perfectly symmetrical with  a length-to-width ratio of 1.5. There is sometimes a small variation in the symmetry depending on the natural stone. The oval is an exceptionally good cut for engagement rings because it is extremely stable. With no protruding points the oval is a great shape for withstanding the everyday wear that an engagement ring must endure. The shape is also advantageous because the stone can easily be secured with 4 prongs and it is not susceptible to snagging or catching on clothing.


Oval diamonds also have the advantage of appearing slightly larger than their round brilliant cousins for the same carat size. However, the oval diamond is somewhat less forgiving when it comes to the clarity, cut and color of the diamond. This is one of the shapes where it is essential to stick with high quality stones like those used by Jeffrey Daniels and Gem Platinum. When high quality oval diamonds are used the results are amazing. However, lower quality diamonds or poorly cut oval diamonds are easier to spot than in almost any other shape. When a low quality cut is used in an oval diamond a bowtie shadow may be visible in the stone. Similarly, flaws that might not be noticeable in a round cut are much harder to hide in an oval cut diamond. It’s best to stick to oval diamonds with a G color or better on the GIA scale and with clarity of VS1 or higher on GIA or above 3 on the AGS scale.


Fancy Yellow Diamond Bracelet 

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Oval Opal Rings and Oval Opal Earrings by Jeffrey Daniels


Opals and Ovals just naturally go together. Opals are particularly pleasing as ovals. The opal has been associated with magical powers since the days of the Roman Empire.  The roman word for opal was “opalus.” The fiery colors captured within an opal were thought to be small windows into the eyes of the gods.


Beautiful Black Opal Earring Set In A Double Row Halo


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Symbols of purity, luck and hope the opal is one of the most diverse gemstones available. Oval Opal rings make fabulous engagement rings and oval opal earrings accentuate both the beauty of a woman’s skin and the fire in her eyes.


 Double Halo Opal Ring wiith Diamonds

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Oval Sapphires: Strikingly Beautiful Designs


Oval Sapphires reflect the luck and loyalty of all those that wear them! Traditionally, oval sapphires are a deep blue color, but sapphires also come in stunning shades of pink, yellow and green. The oval shape of a sapphire allows the color of the stone to reflect to it’s best advantage. Oval Sapphires also make stunning engagement rings. Perhaps the most famous oval sapphire engagement of all is the sophisticated oval sapphire engagement ring given to Kate Middleton by Prince William. This is the same ring that was previously given to his to mother, Princess Diana.

Surrounding sapphires with diamonds as seen below, enhances the vibrant color of these stones and brings them an additional quality of elegance.

 Stunning Pink Sapphire Ring


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Stunning blue Sapphire Ring


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