This Holiday many new innovative ideas have sprouted to spice up our jewelry and outfits! This Fall, colored diamonds have become a huge sensation, their versatility, purity, and beauty are among the reasons many have started to acquire these pieces of art. Along with colored diamonds, mixed gold is an on-trend style. This Fall, clothing is fun and feminine and colored diamonds mix in well to compliment any outfit.

Jeffrey Daniels fancy bracelet

Jeffrey Daniels Fancy Bracelet

Holiday 2016: Fancy Diamonds

Colored diamonds come in white, steel gray, blue, orange, yellow, red, green, pink to purple, black and brown. All of these are beautiful colors. Fall and coming winter holidays are perfect for yellow diamonds.

Orange, yellow, and red suit the turning colors of autumn and thanksgiving. Red and green stones work for Christmas. Black or white diamonds dazzel the eye with the snow and set the winter mood.

Mixed Gold: 2016 Trend, But will it Last?

Mixed gold can be eye-catching and alluring but is it just a trend? Are mixed gold pieces here to stay? Combination metal designs can be fantastic. White and yellow gold when combined create a dazzling complement to each other. Mixed gold goes with most anything as well, usually working with most gems, a subtle medley of colors can accentuate jewels. The secret with mixing golds is to strike a balance or a rhythm with the alternating colors that makes sense. This approach enhances the diamonds themselves and turns what could be a passing trend into a classic design.

Jeffrey Daniels Dangle Earring

Jeffrey Daniels Dangle Earring

Length: Necklaces by the Yard

Long necklaces, a less used style until recently, has suddenly become on trend. Length in a necklace elongates the neck and back.  Long necklaces can also be layered to create pieces that can be worn with a variety of outfits.

Fancy diamond by the Yard necklace

Jeffrey Daniels Extra Long Fancy Diamond by the Yard Necklace 

With the new trends and choices this holiday season, the jewelry available has increased in quality, quantity, and variety. One may choose a colored diamond for their holiday apparel, another may take a liking to mixed golds, an experimental person might pick out a long necklace, and the especially adventurous will combine all three!

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