August is a perfect time to get engaged. One of the biggest problems with getting engaged is finding the right engagement ring! Jeffrey Daniels & Gem Platinum has a large selection of exceptional engagement ring designs.

fancy yellow diamond ring

Jeff Daniels Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring

Colored Diamonds: The Perfect Choice for Engagement

A colored diamond ring is a never fail choice when trying to find the ideal symbol of your love. Fancy diamonds come in a wide variety of colors allowing a perfect fit for any person. Available in: white, blue, steel gray, yellow, red, orange, pink to purple, green, brown, and black, the choices are endless. Each color represents a person’s emotions, and personality.

Square Fancy Yellow Diamond Engament Ring

Jeffrey Daniels Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring


Choose a Ring that Matches Her Style

Coming in all shapes and sizes, the rings are chosen to reflect the personality of your Fiancée. There are countless types of rings, ranging in color, size, and cut. There are larger rings with more attention to the gem, and there are smaller rings that complement a smaller hand. The attention should not be entirely on the gem. The setting of the gem is just as important. Settings include various colored golds and other stones. Some rings are simple, while others have complex designs.

Jeff Daniels fancy Pink Diamond Ring

Jeff Daniels Fancy Pink Diamond Ring

Color is another important factor to consider. Having the ability to accentuate a person’s undertone, a colored diamond can complete your fiancée. If your significant other is a bright cheery person: pink, red, yellow and orange are complementary colors. Or if they are the more somber, contemplating, silent type: blue, black, or brown may suit her better.

Jeff Daniels Fancy Color Diamond Ring

Jeff Daniels Fancy Color Diamond Ring

The timeless beauty of diamonds and their incredible potential makes a diamond ring the perfect choice for your engagement. It brings a glow and agelessness to the wearer. Diamonds bring out the best in anyone, making for the perfect gift. If you have had trouble deciding on your engagement ring, a colored diamond ring may end your search!

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