Award season is in full swing which means it’s the time of year to sit back, relax, and fawn over the stunning jewelry adorning our favorite stars from the big screen. Time once again to take stock of the biggest trends in jewelry as seen on the Red Carpet! 

Collar Necklaces 

Collar necklaces are on trend for 2016 on and off the red carpet. They pair well with all sorts of silhouettes. Whether a dress has a plunging or high neckline, with or without straps - collar necklaces fit the bill perfectly. They also compliment almost any hair style perfectly. They’re bold and beautiful and a no-brainer for instant Red Carpet glam. 

Jeffrey Daniels 3 Row Bib Necklace

Colored Jewels 

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend and they are often the crown jewel of the red carpet, but this year colored gemstones are giving diamonds some serious competition. Color can be risky when walking down such a vibrant carpet, but sometimes it pays to take a risk, so bring on the pops of color! Rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are dazzling on the red carpet this season and we couldn’t be more delighted! 

Jeffrey Daniels Sapphire Ring

Bold Drop Earrings 

The typical practice for award show fashion is to choose one statement piece to focus on and have additional jewelry to compliment that piece. Bold Drop earrings have become the statement piece of choice for many stars walking the carpet on the big night. Earrings featuring fun shapes, bold colors, and shimmering jewels are the talk of tinseltown. 

Jeffrey Daniels Dangle Drop Earring  

Complimentary Colors

In-line with the trend towards bold colors, we’re also seeing starlets sporting pieces featuring several different colors. It’s an adventurous and non-traditional look that can make a stunning impression. It’s not easy to pull this style off, but when worn well,  it can be an effective way of pulling an entire ensemble together by incorporating colors from different pieces, shoes, wardrobe, lipstick, nail polish, accessories and more!

Jeffrey Daniels Fancy Bracelet

Glamorous Gold

If there’s anything that’s classic Hollywood, it’s gold - so classic in fact, that it’s always on trend and always worth mentioning. Glamour and gold go hand in hand and what’s more glamorous than the red carpet? 

Jeffrey Daniels Cabachon Pink Tourmaline Ring

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