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Scandal’s costume designer shared all the glam details of the Gladiators' jewels with InStyle and spotlighted the platinum and diamond pendant and stud earrings Lena Dunham wore on the March 19th Scandal episode (we recapped that look here).

Scandal costume designer Lyn Paolo shared how they pick the jewelry you see on the show (the actors have the final say!) and what inspires their love of platinum and diamonds (it's far deeper than their beauty).

It’s like scenes when Olivia is in the background at a client meeting yet you know she is handling everything even from a distance. Her jewelry should feel the same. We use a lot of platinum as opposed to bright gold. Platinum has a sublime presence.

- Lyn Paolo

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Lena Dunham made an unforgettable guest appearance on the show as Kinky Sue (above) and was bejeweled in a Gem Platinum pendant and studs.

We love the story behind selecting Gem Platinum platinum and diamonds for the Kinky Sue guest appearance:

Lena and I talked before her fitting, and we discussed making sure her character Sue was markedly different from who she plays on Girls.  This meant many things, appropriate underpinnings, heels and, finally, “grown up” jewels. Lena loved the idea of wearing platinum and diamonds. I think the Gem Platinum pieces (below) worked well for her character. I feel like jewels are pieces of art.

- Lyn Paolo


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