A woman may own a lot of rings throughout her lifetime. But there is only one ring she will wear more often and treasure above any other ring… her engagement ring. It represents the everlasting love between a couple and can say a lot about the woman who wears it. So, when the time comes to pop the big questions, make sure you find the perfect ring to suit your perfect woman. 

Back to Basics

If your bride-to-be finds beauty in simplicity, her style may be described as classic. The classic bride treasures tradition and enjoys paying attention to details. Her fashion choices are most likely chic yet understated. She might enjoy dinner for two at her favorite restaurant on date night. She is graceful, elegant, and effortless. The classic diamond ring set in white gold will appeal most to her classic taste. Most of all, she'll appreciate a ring that is magnificent in it's simplicity. Just remember, classic doesn’t have to be boring. 

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The Modern Mrs. 

If the leading lady in your life is a bit unconventional and marches to the beat of her own unique drum, she probably has a modern style. You’ve probably observed that she enjoys bold colors and cutting-edge fashions, is up for anything spur of the moment, and loves an exciting night out dancing around the town. Maker her heart flutter with an engagement ring that features vibrant colors, dramatic silhouettes, and unique interpretations of size and shape. She’ll appreciate a ring that stands out from the crowd just as much as she does. 

Jeffrey Daniels Opal Ring

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Very Vintage 

Some brides are all about the old time-romance, channeling their inner vintage style. She may enjoy the search for unique, vintage designer fashions and she knows that the best things in life get better with age. Dinner by candlelight, relaxing by the fireplace, and enjoying a classic black and white flick is right up her alley. To match her old school style, look for rings with vintage inspiration - warm tones, along with pastels. Rings that feature pink and yellow diamonds, rose and yellow gold are definitely her style. Focus on designs that evoke a one-of-a-kind, heirloom feel.  

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