Summer is walking on the beach, lazy days in the sun, weddings and willowy summer outfits kissed by a soft tan. Jeffrey Daniels and Gem Platinum have amazing necklaces that take any outfit from great to fabulous. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Pear Drop Necklace by Gem Platinum

Set against a summer tan, Gem Platinum’s Pear Drop Necklace shines like a luminous beacon of beauty.  This stunning pear shaped diamond of incredible cut and clarity is surrounded by twenty smaller  diamonds set in white gold. This pear pendant is particularly versatile. Place it on a short chain and it’s the perfect classic piece for a summer wedding or garden party. Place it an of longer chain and it becomes seductive, playful and suggestive as it plunges downward.

Pear shape drop Pendant Necklace


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Jeffrey Daniels Yellow and White Diamond Necklace


Match this beautiful Jeffrey Daniels’ two-tone necklace with almost any outfit and be prepared for compliments! On trend and classic at the same time, this necklace uses a combination of yellow and white gold into a modern design that is extremely unique. The new trend for mixing gold colors is seldom done as well as it is in this necklace. It is very easy for combination pieces to miss the delicate balance between innovation and sophistication. Get it wrong and combination gold pieces can look gaudy, or worse yet, fake. Get the balance right, as Jeffrey Daniels has here, and all you think about is the beauty of the piece and of the woman wearing it.

yellow and

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Jeffrey Daniels Fancy Necklace

As wistful as a summer breeze and as playful as sunflowers, Jeffrey’s Daniel’s Fancy Necklace captures the essence of summer beauty. Great for a garden party or black tie, the design of this piece is intricate without being fussy. Simply beautiful.

Jeffrey Daniels Fancy necklace


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Blissful Bezel by the Yard


Jeffrey Daniels Extra Long Fancy by the Yard Necklace brings out the beauty of summer dresses like no other. Have fun with this one! Long enough to make a variety of combinations that are all equally stunning, the diamond bezel setting adds a touch of modern update to a style reminiscent the 1920s.

Extra long fancy diamond by the yard necklace


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Rubies on the Riviera


Jeffrey Daniels Ruby Necklace captures the elegance and style of the Casino in Monte Carlo. This beauty is designed to turn heads. Alternating rubies and diamonds parade around the neck like sleek race horses out for an afternoon run. Wear this wonderful necklace with a lace and silk dress to make a statement that is both rare and wonderful.

Ruby Necklace


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